Commercial Installations

At PSJ, our engineers are expertly trained to handle commercial electrical installations.

We know that commercial projects often require working outside normal business hours and demand stringent health and safety measures. Additionally, there are specific legal obligations for landlords to have their properties inspected and tested every five years.

We understand the high costs and delays that electrical issues can cause for businesses, so we prioritise quick responses and fast service for all our commercial clients. We specialise in identifying and fixing electrical problems and provide installation services for various commercial venues like restaurants, shops, and nursing homes.


At PSJ, our engineers are highly skilled in managing commercial electrical installations. We recognise that commercial projects frequently necessitate work outside regular business hours and involve rigorous health and safety protocols. Moreover, landlords are legally required to have their properties inspected and tested every five years, a mandate we are well-versed in handling.

Understanding the significant financial implications and potential delays caused by electrical issues, we prioritise prompt responses and swift service for all our commercial clients. Our expertise extends to diagnosing and resolving electrical problems efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations.

We offer comprehensive installation services tailored to various commercial settings, including restaurants, retail shops, and nursing homes. Our team is equipped to handle the unique electrical demands of each venue, ensuring installations are completed to the highest standards. At PSJ, we are committed to providing reliable, safe, and efficient electrical solutions that support the smooth running of commercial enterprises.

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